Tune in to this month’s episode of The Business of Defense to hear Rich Brady and Tabatha Turman, CEO of IFAS, as they discuss the power of persistence and instilling an entrepreneurial culture.

For Tabatha Turman, a critical aspect of the vision she has for the financial services business she began in 2007 involves being an inspiration to other small and minority- and woman-owned businesses — particularly those in the finance and accounting field.

“The stigma is that most 8(a)s when they graduate, they go away. But I want to be able to motivate and inspire them to actually build their infrastructure and start bidding early,” said Turman, founder and CEO, Integrated Finance and Accounting Solutions (IFAS).

In a discussion for the Society of Defense Financial Management’s The Business of Defense podcast on Federal News Network, Turman shared insights about how she has grown IFAS, which is nearing graduation from the Small Business Administration 8(a) program, and about how she plans for its continued success.

As her own company has found success, Turman has increasingly focused on mentoring and helping other small businesses and startups follow in her footsteps. It led her to author a book that came out in late 2022, “Passion, Purpose, Drive — Elements of a Growth Mindset,” which she described as a coalescence of 15 years of notes and manuscripts that reflected how she pushed her own business and personal goals forward.

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