Certificants can begin to use the earned credential as soon as their name shows on SDFM’s Directory of CDFMs here.

SDFM will send the certificant a digital badge and an official designation letter to the email address showing in the certificant’s account in 2-4 weeks. Approximately 8-10 weeks after that, the wall certificate is sent, unless the individual has requested we hold the certificate until CDFM-A certification is achieved.

SDFM sends one cost-free lapel pin and wall certificate to each certificant. Additional pins or wall certificates can be purchased here:

Custom Certificate Frames

SDFM has selected fine-quality, gold-embossed frames from Framing Success for certificants to showcase their CDFM wall certificate and demonstrate their commitment to professional excellence. Proudly display this accomplishment with the prestige it deserves!

To order, go to the Framing Success website here or contact Framing Success customer service at or (800) 677-3726 M-F 8:30am – 6pm.

Digital Badges

SDFM is proud to offer digital badges as a way for certificants to share and validate their CDFM and CDFM-A designation. All active and certified retired CDFM and CDFM-A certificants are sent an email to access their badge. For assistance, email

How Digital Credentials Work

A digital badge is a digital representation of an accomplishment. It enjoys all the benefits of being digital, such as being sharable, verifiable, trackable, and having embedded metadata.

Your Certificate without the Wait

If you opted to receive a wall certificate, you will receive your official hardcopy certificate in the mail. In the meantime, you can share your digital certificate!

Badge of Achievement

Celebrate your achievement by sharing your badge across your social platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. When someone clicks on the badge, they can see what the certification represents and that it belongs to you.

Every credential issued is blockchain registered, making CDFM and CDFM-A badges and certificates much harder to fake. They are encoded with metadata showing who issued it, who it was issued to, and details about the certification, including when it will expire.

How to Use Your Digital Credentials

When you become certified, SDFM will email you a unique link to a page that displays your digital badge. From there, you can manage how your CDFM or CDFM-A digital badge or certificate is seen and shared to:

  • Showcase your certification and skillset to your professional network
  • Enable employers and potential employers to quickly verify your credentials
  • Display your digital credentials on any online platform including social media, email signatures, websites and more

Here are some ways to share your digital credentials:

Questions on Digital Badging

Is there a fee to use my digital badge?

No, this is a cost-free benefit we provide to highlight your continued professional development as a CDFM or CDFM-A.

Is it a requirement for me to use a digital badge?

No, the use of a digital badge is optional, but it’s a great way to highlight your accomplishment. If you decide not to use this benefit, simply disregard the email from

How do I change my name on my credential?

If you need to change your name, submit a name change request to Legal name changes require submission of documentation (e.g., marriage license).

View the full list of frequently asked questions here. For assistance, contact

Directory of Certified Defense Financial Managers

SDFM congratulates all who have earned the CDFM!

 An asterisk (*) indicates Certification was awarded within the last 30 days.

Active and Certified Retired CDFMs who have not opted out are listed below. While SDFM makes every effort to ensure accurate information, human or technological error remains a possibility, as does delay in the posting of information. The status of currently-certified individuals can be verified by sending a written request to