Throughout my career, I have witnessed the incredible dedication of subject matter experts (SMEs) who volunteer their time and expertise to ensure that certification exams are both relevant and accurate. Among these individuals, the volunteers behind the Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) certification program stand out for their invaluable contributions.

SMEs are the backbone of any certification program. Their experience and understanding of their profession ensure that certification exams reflect current practices and developing trends. In the CDFM certification program’s case, these volunteers play a significant role in maintaining its relevance, reliability, and rigor.

SMEs who contributed to the update of the CDFM certification were committed and passionate about what they do. These professionals recognize the importance of upholding standards in defense financial management. Their willingness to dedicate time outside of their demanding jobs highlights their commitment to excellence. Of course, just as it is with many volunteer experiences – the more you give the more you often receive for your efforts.  SMEs benefit from their contributions through networking opportunities, continuous learning, and professional growth.

Updating the CDFM certification exams is not just about writing new questions; it is about staying ahead of the curve. With updates to regulations, or technological advancements, defense financial management is constantly evolving. By conducting a job task analysis, reviewing exam blueprints, piloting questions, setting standards, and leveraging the insights of SMEs, we ensure that CDFM certificants are competent and knowledgeable. 

Updating certification exams is a best practice. It ensures that the CDFM certification remains a sign of distinction in defense financial management. Employers rely on the CDFM to identify competency and talent, and candidates depend on it to measure and validate their expertise. By routinely updating the exams, we uphold the integrity of the CDFM program and its value to all stakeholders.

Thank you to all the SMEs who dedicated their time and expertise to updating the CDFM and CDFM-A exams. Their contributions are vital to shaping the future of defense financial management professionals.

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