If you are following the trial of FTX founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, you are well aware of the allegations of misuse of customer funds, market manipulation, regulatory non-compliance, and campaign finance violations.

These revelations have brought attention to the need for #transparency#accountability, and #ethical practices in not only the cryptocurrency space, but also in all areas of business.

Ethics in business is paramount. It fosters trust, integrity, and sustainable success. Ethical practices not only attract loyal customers and partners but also boost employee morale and productivity. They create a positive reputation that can withstand challenges, ultimately contributing to long-term growth and a responsible corporate culture.

As we celebrate #GlobalEthicsDay this month, let us be reminded of the responsibility we have as #finance and #accounting professionals to uphold the highest ethical practices for our organizations, our communities, and for society.

Article excerpt:

Ethics is the compass that guides individuals and organizations toward responsible, morally upright conduct.

Enron, WorldCom, Lehman Brothers, Madoff Investment Securities, FTX—all famous names in business and all for the wrong reasons. To a greater or lesser extent, each of these businesses were failures due to some accounting and ethical component.

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