The Summer 2023 issue of the Armed Forces Comptroller Journal is now available to SDFMmembers. In this issue, you’ll find the latest survey results from the PPBE Reform Task Force on People & Culture, a PDI 2023 wrap up, and much more.

This issue’s article on pages 58-62 titled “Implementation of Zero-Trust: Principles for Defense Financial Managers” was selected by the Journal’s Executive Editor Bill Arnold, CDFM as a Summer 2023 spotlight. “It is well written from the start, it presents a nice summary of what Zero Trust is all about, and how it might best be implemented throughout the government by Oct 2024,” he commented.

The DoD met a key milestone in implementing zero-trust by issuing the DoD Zero Trust Strategy. The DoD Strategy uses four principles to guide its strategy. Authors Chris Horton and Brendan Bowers from RMA said, “Understanding these principles will help defense financial managers prepare their staff and processes to implement zero-trust.” Horton and Bowers added, “This is an opportune time to begin communicating with your auditors about your plans to address implementation challenges. As the risk analysis process unfolds, and new risks and challenges are identified, communicating these risks and challenges to the auditors will put defense financial managers ahead of the audit curve.”