The Society of Defense Financial Management (SDFM) is excited to announce a comprehensive update to its Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) certification program is scheduled for release in late spring of 2024. The CDFM program is widely recognized for its commitment to excellence in the defense financial management community. 

The CDFM program, administered by SDFM, has been a benchmark of proficiency and competence in the field of defense financial management for over 20 years. To maintain its relevance and high standards, the organization has undertaken an extensive review to update the certification exams ensuring that they align with the most current advancements and best practices in the field. 

Key highlights of the upcoming CDFM exam updates include: 

  • Revised Blueprints and Exams: The CDFM Module Exams 1-3 and the Acquisition Specialty Module 4 will be refreshed with updated content to address the most current financial management practices, regulations, and technological advancements within the defense sector. This ensures that the CDFM will continue to be awarded only to candidates who are at the forefront of industry knowledge. 
  • Updated Study Resources: Candidates can anticipate updated study materials, including the CDFM Practice Test and the Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course to help them prepare for the new exams effectively. These resources will be aligned with the updated exam content. 

These updates are designed to reinforce the CDFM program’s significance as an essential resource for career advancement and professional excellence in the defense financial management community. 

SDFMis committed to offering comprehensive support to candidates throughout their certification journey. From exam registration to preparation, the certification team is available to provide guidance and assistance. 

Candidates interested in pursuing the CDFM certification or organizations looking to support their employees in achieving the sign of distinction in defense financial management are encouraged to stay tuned for further updates, including the exact launch date in late spring 2024. 

For additional information about the CDFM exam update, please visit the Exam Development page or contact