Tune in to this month’s episode of The Business of Defense to hear Rich Brady and Steve Geary as they discuss supply chain disruption, management, and more as well as Geary’s top three supply chain takeaways.

With all the talk of software supply chain risk management (SCRM), it might be easy to lose sight of the fact that the federal government manages and must ensure the resiliency of multiple large physical supply chains.

But it’s not a fact lost on Steve Geary. For 20 years, he and his team have helped agencies address complex supply chain challenges — think mapping extraction supply chains in South America or supporting the medical response to the Ebola outbreak across West Africa in 2015.

“We do physical network analysis. We understand how things are hooked together — around the world,” said Geary, president of Supply Chain Visions (SCV) and partner in Supply Chain Vistas. The first offers supply chain consultation services, and the latter primarily helps with supply chain staff augmentation.

“If you’ve got an intractable problem involving a supply chain, you reach out to us,” he said during the Society of Defense Management’s The Business of Defense podcast on Federal News Network. “We don’t parachute in a squad. We send in one or two serious experts. In we come in, we resolve it, we move on what we found.”

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