On this month’s episode of The Business of Defense Rich Brady speaks to Sireesha Deena, CEO and Founder of Infopact, Inc. about perseverance, resiliency, and making inroads in the male-dominated world of IT.

Give up? That’s not in Sireesha Deena’s life playbook.

“I grew up in a very modern India, where my mother’s generation, they already had seen the first woman prime minister,” recalled Deena, president and CEO of Infopact. “There was a lot of awareness about women in the workforce. We were all trained with the mindset that we can compete with the men. There’s no difference between the men and the women.”

Plus, competitiveness was an integral part of her youth too — in school, in sports, at home, she shared during an interview for the Society of Defense Financial Management’s The Business of Defense podcast on Federal News Network.

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