Tune in to this month’s episode of The Business of Defense to hear Rich Brady and Salome Tinker discuss how she and her husband started TSC Enterprise and what they are doing to promote diversity and inclusion efforts at their firm. Tinker spent 20 years as an enlisted Army nurse. But she’d always loved numbers.

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“So I went to school at night while I was working at Walter Reed here in D.C. in the daytime and was fortunate to get to intern with Deloitte and then that started my CPA career,” Tinker said. That internship was in the mid-90s.

Today, after working for Deloitte, the Federal Reserve Board, Fannie Mae and more, Tinker is a partner with her husband in TSC Enterprise, a financial consultancy in Suitland, Maryland. For the past seven years, she has built and grown an arm of TSC that serves government organizations.

She sees a distinct crossover between the two career paths she’s taken.

Continue reading to learn how Tinker believes nursing and financial management relate and watch the video podcast.