On this month’s episode of The Business of Defense Rich Brady speaks with Patrick Lynch managing partner of Lynch Consultants, as they federal contracting success may be just a little related to understanding the art of baseball.

When it comes to explaining how his firm has found success as a federal management consultancy, Patrick Lynch favors a baseball analogy: “The game has to come to you. And so as the game comes to you, you take what the pitcher offers. You take where your men are on base.”

What that means, he explained, is being ready and willing to adapt and grow into the opportunities that come a business’s way.

Circumstances will direct the path a business takes if the team is willing to capitalize on them, said Lynch, founder and managing partner of Lynch Consultants. “We evolved in a direction that we never really anticipated, but it’s ended up being a great path.”

For instance, not long after Lynch launched his management consultancy in 2011 and had a few partners, he expected the team would begin to acquire clients inside the Marine Corps and focus on providing financial management help given their backgrounds.

“We thought we would be much more heavily on the financial side,” he said. “We also thought that we were going to be much more heavily in the Navy and the Marine Corps — based on two of our partners who were retired lieutenant generals out of the Marine Corps. And I had just spent nine years at headquarters in the Marine Corps.”

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