Corporate Member of the Year

Congratulations to this year’s ASMC Corporate Membership Award winners!

This award recognizes Corporate Members for outstanding contributions made to a local Chapter and the National Organization in the furtherance of the goals of the chapter and the society. To be nominated for this award a Corporation must have been a corporate member for two consecutive years.

Large Corporation

Distinguished: Aeyon, San Diego Chapter

Aeyon, formerly known as Sehlke, has been a dedicated supporter of ASMC National for over a decade, playing a significant role in advancing the organization’s goals. In 2023, Aeyon continued its strong support by being a Corporate Gold Level and PDI Gold Sponsor at the National level, and by sponsoring more than a dozen San Diego Chapter members’ attendance at the 2023 PDI in St. Louis. Throughout the year, Aeyon also contributed to ASMC’s training and membership development efforts. Notably, they organized a well-received panel on System Migrations during the 2023 National PDI, addressing the critical roles of data analytics and change management strategies.

Aeyon has been pivotal in supporting ASMC’s local chapters and national initiatives. Beginning in August 2023, they have played a key role in the planning and execution of the 2024 PDI, leading the Philanthropy Committee to support Paralyzed Veterans of America and St. Mary’s Food Bank. In addition to its extensive sponsorship, Aeyon actively participates in regional ASMC events and has held significant roles, including President, in the San Diego Chapter. They have facilitated bringing influential speakers to chapter events, enhancing the professional development and community engagement of its members.

Furthermore, Aeyon has made substantial contributions through the ASMC PPBE Reform Task Force, serving as the Executive Secretary. They coordinated Task Force activities, organized discussions, and contributed to the development of policy recommendations for Congress, reflecting Aeyon’s commitment to fostering significant improvements in financial management practices within the Department of Defense and the private sector.

Overall, Aeyon’s comprehensive support and innovative approaches significantly enhance ASMC’s impact on both a national and regional level, driving professional development, community service, and strategic reforms in defense financial management.

Meritorious: ManTech International, Washington Chapter

For the past decade, ManTech International, through its Definitive Logic acquisition, has been an avid supporter of the American Society of Military Comptroller’s mission. They are a Corporate Gold Sponsor at the national level and support of key ASMC events. During the National PDI in 2023, they sponsored a booth and moderated a panel discussion. ManTech is dedicated to ASMC’s goals, as evidence through support and sponsorship of the Data Analytics and Decision Support conference. They led sessions at this virtual conference, focusing on the use of modern BI tools to help CFO leadership make data-informed decisions.

ManTech’s Mike Monson serves as a member of the Editorial Board for the Armed Forces Comptroller Journal, serves on the Corporate Advisory Group and is currently an active board member. Mike Monson, as the Chapter Newsletter Creator/Editor and a member of the Washington Chapter Board of Executives, revamped the Washington Chapter newsletter in 2016 and has since served as its editor of the bi-monthly publication. The Washington Chapter newsletter has been recognized by others as setting the standard for effective chapter communication. Additionally, he has been a key leader in maintaining the Washington Chapter’s 5-star status, setting an example for other chapters to follow. ManTech’s Chris Stockel has served on the Washington Chapter’s Executive Board for the past three years and provided support by not only attending meetings but also executing tasks.

In addition to our continued support of the NCR and National PDIs, ManTech International has stepped in to support key initiatives that drive the development of fellow professionals and impact the DoD community. Case in point, they recognized the potential of the PPBE Reform Committee. Shortly after it was announced, we drafted an open letter to the Committee highlighting key opportunities for reform and published this letter. The response was to have ManTech become a member of the industry shadow committee organized by ASMC and provide direct input into the Committee’s research and study. Represented by Michael Conlin (Definitive Logic Chief Technology Officer at the time), they were instrumental at building the momentum and structure for AMSC’s PPBE Task Force in response to the Congressional Commission for PPBE Reform.

Small Business

Distinguished: Thompson Gray, Inc., Redstone-Huntsville Chapter

Thompson Gray is a long-term, continuous Platinum and Gold level chapter sponsors and a Silver Corporate Member since 2017. At the national level, Thompson Gray is an extremely active supporter of the National PDI as an exhibitor. They also sponsor meet-and-greet events at the National PDI after hours so attendees may learn more about their services and network with each other.

Thompson Gray’s involvement with the ASMC RSA/HSV chapter spans back to 2014 with their initial contribution to the chapter’s MINI PDI. They have supported the chapter as a Gold or Platinum sponsor every year from 2014 through 2024. Thompson Gray has continued to contribute vital hours of support and endorsement of professional development to local chapter members, attending all events. Thompson Gray’s also impacts the professional development of our ASMC members through regular contributions to monthly professional development events – offsetting the cost of the monthly events, permitting the chapter to keep cost low and get more members to each event. Thompson Gray supports many other ASMC chapters, including those hosting the European PDI.